Books and Periodicals

Alliance Magazine provides news and analysis of the latest developments in international philanthropy and social investment.

Paul Brest and Hal Harvey. Money Well Spent: A Strategic Plan for Smart Philanthropy. New York: Bloomberg Press, 2008.

Chronicle of Philanthropy is a newspaper, in print and online, for foundation and nonprofit leaders, fundraisers, and others involved in the philanthropy. The Chronicle provides information on trends and key issues, donor profiles, outstanding programs, technology and public policy related to charitable giving.

Family Foundation Library Series (Washington, D.C.: The Council on Foundations) 1997, Virginia Esposito, editor. Includes volumes on Family Issues, Governance, Management and Grantmaking.
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Joel L. Fleishman, The Foundation: A Great American Secret. New York: Public Affairs, 2007. How private wealth is changing the world.
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Tracy Gary and Phil Cubeta, Inspired Philanthropy – Your Step by Step Guide to Creating a Giving Plan and Leaving a Legacy. Tracy Gary,2007-2010. Available from Tracy Gary at Inspired Legacies, P.O. Box 1693, 40 Redwood Drive | Ross, CA 94957, includes a CD with key resources and practical, step-by-step information, that shows how everyone can align and integrate values, passions, and dreams for their communities and families into their plans. (link to book on Amazon)

Elaine Gast, The Guide to Small Foundation Management: from Groundwork to Grantmaking. (Washington, D.C.: Council on Foundations) 2002. (link to book on Amazon)

Elaine Gast, Facing Forever: Planning for Change in Family Foundations. (Washington, D.C.: Council on Foundations), 2004. (link to book on Amazon)

Kelin Gersick. Generations of Giving: Leadership and Continuity in Family Foundations. Washington, D.C.: Lexington Books, 2004. (link to book on Amazon)

Alison Goldberg, Karen Pittelman & Resource Generation. Creating Change through Family Philanthropy: the Next Generation. Soft Skull Press, 2006. (link to book on Amazon)

Alicia Epstein Korten. Change Philanthropy: Candid Stories of Foundations Maximizing Results through Social Justice. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2009. A guide for developing long-term effective strategies that address the causes of critical social problems. (link to book on Amazon)

The Nonprofit Times and the Philanthropy News Network Online cover issues that are of specific interest to nonprofit organizations and their leaders.

Responsive Philanthropy. Quarterly journal from the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy, 2001 S Street, NW, Washington, D.C. 20009. (link to book on

Stanford Social Innovation Review. Stanford Social Innovation Review is an award-winning magazine covering best strategies for nonprofits, foundations, and socially responsible businesses, including a quarterly journal, podcasts, webinars and blogs.


Family Foundations and Advocacy
Alliance for Justice summarizes advocacy regulations for family foundations. Alliance for Justice, 2006.

Families Step up to Meet Economic Crisis
Stories and about strategies family foundations are using to meet today's economic challenge and changing needs of grantees. National Center for Family Philanthropy, 2010.

Inspiring Generations of Giving: Current Practices in Family Foundations
A research study about how family foundations actually operate. National Center for Family Philanthropy. Smarter Grantmaking in Challenging Economic Times: Insights for Foundations Leaders. A framework and considerations for foundations to guide decisions about how best to support grantees. Grantmakers for Effective Organizations, 2009. (link to PDF)

Solutions for Impact Investors: From Strategy to Implementation
A step-by-step guide to maximizing a foundation’s impact through mission-related investment.
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The Principles Workbook, Steering Your Board Toward Good Governance and Ethical Practice
The Board Source, 2009. (link to book)

Stewardship Principles for Family Foundations
An interactive framework for trustees and staff to develop thoughtful policy and practices. Each of the nine Stewardship Principles has multiple Practice Options to be used to guide the foundation's functioning. Council on Foundations, 2011. (link to PDF)

Time is of the Essence: Foundations and the Policies of Limited Life and Endowment Spend-down
A research report about foundation spend-down based on five case studies. Aspen Institute's Program on Philanthropy, 2009. (link to PDF)

Tomorrow's Donors: Engaging the Next Generation of Family Philanthropists
Institute for Philanthropy, May, 2010. (link to PDF)