LKM works with staffed and unstaffed foundations on projects that help them achieve specific goals. We can supplement staff or act as staff, as needed, or provide short-term focused consultation to help start up a new foundation, improve operations or develop grantmaking initiatives.

Strategic Planning
LKM works with the board to craft the foundation's mission, articulate its goals and translate them into an action plan.

Governance and Board Development
LKM can strengthen board functioning, establish policies and procedures, and help address issues of succession planning and continuity of the foundation.

Program Development & Implementation
LKM works with the board to develop grantmaking programs that reflect its vision and values. We research needs, identify funding opportunities, develop RFPs or Grant Guidelines, perform grantee due diligence and design a grant selection process to implement the strategic goals of the foundation.

LKM conducts independent design and evaluation of individual grants or grant initiatives to determine how well the foundation's and grantees' goals were met, assess the impact of the project and make recommendations for future support.

LKM works with foundations in transition—whether generational, operational or structural—to design or update systems, plan and implement terminations or divisions, incorporate new assets and growth, or assist next generation leaders to take on new roles.