LKM works with corporate clients to achieve their philanthropic goals. We can work as outsourced managers of corporate foundations and giving programs, or can design and manage special projects such as corporate foundation start-up, design of pay-out strategies, and development of program initiatives.

Corporate Foundation Management
LKM provides financial management, proposal review, grantee due diligence, grant monitoring and evaluation for new and existing corporate foundations. Our services free personnel from non-core management responsibilities for the foundation and transfer operating costs of the corporate foundation out of the corporation's bottom line.

Strategic Planning and Program Development
LKM designs and develops grantmaking programs and initiatives that advance the corporation's philanthropic goals. We research and analyze giving opportunities to identify the most effective use of corporate philanthropic assets.

Corporate Foundation Start-Up
LKM helps founders of new corporations establish foundations with pre-IPO stock or other assets. We work with the board to design and implement the corporation's philanthropic vision.

Financial Analysis and Pay-Out Strategies
LKM analyzes the impact of pay-out options on the achievement of corporate objectives and develops strategies for corporate foundation downsizing.

Program Evaluation
LKM monitors, evaluates and reports on gifts and grants made through corporate foundations to assess the effectiveness of giving programs.

Executive Training Seminars and Individual Consultation
LKM works with corporate executives individually and in groups to explore their philanthropic values and vision, both personally and for the corporation. We design individual philanthropic plans and create the most effective vehicles for executives to carry out their philanthropic goals.

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