Strategic Planning and Governance
The board sets the goals and governs the activities of the foundation. LKM helps foundations create and structure effective boards. During the formation process, we help craft Articles of Incorporation and Applications for Exemption that best reflect the foundation's mission while maintaining flexibility to respond to changing priorities or future generations' interests.

Formation and Facilitation of an Effective Board
Assisting to determine the best size and composition of the board, setting policies about terms, criteria for membership and family representation, and, if needed, developing a succession plan.

By-Law Development & Maintenance
LKM works with the foundation's attorney to create and update by-laws that reflect the client's desires about its governance structure and operating procedures, and reflect current best-practices.

Board Development
LKM helps boards with succession planning and the identification and recruitment of new board members. We work with the board to implement strategies to involve younger family members in the activities of the foundation and help develop their philanthropic portfolios and become fully productive members of the board.

Strategic Planning
LKM works with the board to craft the foundation's mission and articulate its goals. We help create a strategic plan that articulates the values and vision of the foundation and defines its philanthropic priorities and focus.

Liaison with Policy and Cause Consultants
LKM increases the foundation's access to information and experts to help with policy formulation, analysis of issues and development of effective funding strategies.