LKM provides a full range of Philanthropic Advisory Services for donors who give through donor advised funds, supporting organizations, or out of annual income or other assets.

Charitable Giving Consultation
Identification of philanthropic goals and strategies, recommendation of best philanthropic vehicles to meet goals, analysis of best giving destinations and programs.

Creation and Implementation of Annual Giving Plan
Analysis of philanthropic goals and development of strategies best suited to meet those goals. Creation of an annual giving plan with a budget and allocation of charitable resources among priority interests to create a giving portfolio that ensures that charitable assets are deployed most effectively. Evaluation and reporting on results of gifts made.

Major Giving
Analysis, structuring and evaluation of major gifts for capital and special projects to ensure that the project is sound and the donor's intentions are carried out.

Donor Advised Funds and Charitable Gift Funds
Grantmaking support, including grant monitoring and evaluation, for donors who make grants through donor advised funds established at community foundations or financial institutions such as Fidelity, Schwab or Vanguard.

Donor Advised Fund Start Up
LKM assists public charities to start and manage donor advised funds.

Testamentary Gift Planning
Consultation with individuals to identify charitable goals and testamentary giving destinations, liaison with estate planning attorneys to structure testamentary gifts in the most effective way, and negotiation with beneficiaries to ensure implementation of donor's wishes.