Founded in 1998, LKM is a well-established foundation management and philanthropic advisory firm located in the San Francisco Bay Area with a national client base. We have established a solid reputation for the highest integrity and are known for our wide-ranging knowledge of the field of philanthropy and our singular dedication to our clients' needs.

Together with our versatile staff of accounting and administrative professionals, and our wide network of strategic partners, we help clients create the team they need to achieve their goals.

LKM: The Right Choice
Professional… Personal

LKM is the answer for donors who want the highest level of professional expertise, grantmaking sophistication, administrative excellence and assured regulatory compliance without the complications of hiring staff and opening an office.

Management & Advisory Services for Private Foundations
LKM specializes in management and advisory services for private, family and independent foundations. We make it easy to enjoy the benefits of flexibility and control that a private foundation offers by taking care of day-to-day operations, administration, compliance and grantmaking. Our clients are free to concentrate on their philanthropic goals and spend their time on the things they enjoy most about giving.

How We Work
At LKM, we believe that every client has a unique approach to philanthropy. Our services are individually tailored to the needs each client. Some want the comprehensive support and guidance of our full-service approach. Others prefer to engage us for particular functions, such as grant management or financial administration.

We help new foundations build the solid base they need to thrive from the start. We help existing foundations reach their full potential, with engaged board members, a focused philanthropic mission and effective grants. We help foundations in generational transition bring their administrative processes up to date and craft a grantmaking strategy that honors the founder’s legacy while expressing the vision of the next generation.