LKM serves active and engaged donors who want to make a difference. We focus on small to mid-size private, family and independent foundations—those that are too small to hire staff but need professional support. We serve a small number of clients with highly personalized and custom-designed services that meet their unique needs. Whether you have an established foundation or are considering creating one, we can help you to fulfill your charitable goals.

LKM offers customized philanthropic management and advisory services for family and private foundations, corporate foundations and giving programs, individual donors, and donor advised fund advisors. Our services are individualized for each client to reflect his or her philanthropic goals, interests, style, desire for involvement or privacy, time commitment, and family or corporate traditions.

Because each client’s needs are different, our services are designed and priced individually. We offer annual comprehensive fees, a project fee, or hourly fees, so that each client may receive just the services that are desired.

With LKM's comprehensive foundation management service, one fee covers all the foundation needs to operate with the highest standards of professionalism, responsiveness and accountability. Our inclusive approach ensures that a broad range of services are available whenever the client needs them. LKM works with each client to design a customized scope of service at an inclusive fee based on their needs.

LKM provides a full range of planning, grantmaking, financial management and project evaluation services to foundations and individual donors on a project or hourly basis. LKM provides independent analysis and advice on direct giving options, distributions from supporting organizations, philanthropic funds and donor advised funds, testamentary giving and disbursements from charitable trusts.

LKM works with corporate clients as outsourced managers of corporate foundations or giving programs, or to design special projects to achieve philanthropic goals, including foundation start-up, payout design, creation of grantmaking initiatives and evaluation of grantmaking programs. LKM’s Corporate Philanthropic Services are available on a project or hourly fee basis.