The Council on Foundations estimates that 25% of all grants made by foundations are wasted—either not used for the purposes the donor intended or used inefficiently and ineffectively.
Why Use LKM to Manage Your Foundation?

Because Your Time is Valuable
  • You want to know that your philanthropic dollars are making a difference.
  • You want to evaluate the results of your giving with the same diligence as you would treat any investment.
  • With LKM managing your foundation,
    - your foundation is professionally managed without any loss of control
    - your gifts are being used in the way you intended
    - your charitable goals are being met
    - your philanthropy makes a difference to the issues you care about

Because LKM Offers a Comprehensive Solution to
The Complexities of Foundation Management

  • BETTER CONTROL OF OVERHEAD COSTS: LKM provides all you need for managing your foundation. Our annual fee qualifies as an administrative expense payable from within the 5% minimum annual distribution of the foundation.
  • REDUCED LEGAL RISK: LKM’s clients have no exposure to worker’s compensation, unemployment or wrongful discharge claims because the foundation has no employees.
  • ASSURED COMPLIANCE WITH REGULATORY BODIES: LKM works with your legal and tax advisors to assure timely reporting and full compliance with Federal and State regulatory bodies.
  • IMPROVED GRANT-MAKING AND DONOR SATISFACTION: LKM works with its clients to determine the best ways to meet their philanthropic goals. Clients give more confidently and more efficiently with LKM providing on-going grant monitoring and program evaluation.
  • ENHANCED PRIVACY AND SECURITY: LKM assures compliance with IRS rules for increased disclosure while maintaining your privacy and security. LKM shields clients from intrusive inquiries and inappropriate requests for support. LKM responds to all grant inquiries in a timely and professional manner enabling you to decline requests more comfortably or discreetly seek more information about projects of interest.
  • PROFESSIONALISM AND EXPERIENCE: The principals of LKM are experienced philanthropic services professionals who offer the highest degree of ethical and responsive service to their clients.

Because You Want to Make The Best Use of Your Charitable Dollar LKM;s experienced professionals develop relationships with grantees and monitor the performance of each grant to be sure that grant dollars are being used with maximum impact. Our hands-on, operational experience enables us to assess the financial soundness and organizational effectiveness of grant destinations and analyze proposed projects to be sure your philanthropic dollars are making a difference.